Magic Man – You Are Here EP


Magic Man’s EP You Are Here develops from the remixes they are known for (including artists such as Smallpools, Atlas Genius, Pacific Air and The Coulourist) to impressive mixes of their own. The EP includes a variety of sounds that creates a mixed tape on its own.

Starting from the beginning of the EP, the first song “Texas” still integrates the same summer-y undertones Magic Man is associated with, but also distinguishes their ability to make upbeat songs comparable to the rifts of Passion Pit, or even Avicci’s EDM feel in the refrain.

The second song, “Paris,” seems to be the most impressive track on Magic Man’s EP. The intro shows the band’s piano influence on their indie-pop ensemble, while the main riffs seem familiar, yet innovative at the same time. In the same way Matt and Kim’s indie pop leaves their listeners incapable of standing still, Magic Man’s EP forces to move you.

Although most of the songs mesh together in an indie-pop familiar sound, the fourth song “Nova Scotia” involves a more alternative sound. This song is comparable to Arcade Fire or Two Door Cinema Club’s more relaxed tracks.

The last song on the EP, “Waves,” is similar to their more indie-pop tracks. The song is a good conclusion to the EP, gravitating toward their distinguished sound but still standing out as one of their more impressive mixes.

In conclusion, the EP is impressive and keeps the listener wanting more. It’s a good start to this band’s distinguished sound, yet incorporating more tracks like “Nova Scotia” could make the band’s influence even more renowned.

- Emily O’Keeffe

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